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Welcome to, your source for the best combination of price, quality, and service on a wide selection of working brass bells. Whether you're looking for a ship bell engraved with your boat's name, a hand bell to ring for the Salvation Army or give to your favorite teacher, or a BIG SALE bell to help motivate employees, we have the right bell at the right price.

We know how hard it is to shop online, as a photo of a seven-inch diameter bell on one site looks much like one on another, so we've done our best to help you out. First of all, most of our bell photos are designed to aid you in choosing the correct size bell for your needs, so that you can better know how big a bell is. From the photo of our large 14 inch diameter bell photographed with an arm in the frame, to our reading glasses and other props we include near our service bells, these additions show you how big the bell is next to common objects.

What doesn't show in photos is the quality of a bell. Two bells the exact same size can be much different in weight, which affects the tone and durability. We price our bells based on size and weight, and think we have the best quality for the dollar. If you don't think our solid brass bells are worth what you pay, just return within 30 days for a full refund of your purchase price!

For more about how our bells compare, see our Bell Test & Comparison page and our Frequently Asked Questions page.