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DecorPorthole Mirrors and morePolished Nickel Brass Porthole Mirror 12 Inch "Second"

Polished Nickel Brass Porthole Mirror 12 Inch "Second" REF: 2858857842012673776



Technical Specifications


Product Description

These slightly imperfect polished brass porthole mirrors have a cool nickel (silver tone) finish, but the finish didn't quite meet our quality standard so we are offering them at a reduced price. There may be small scuffs or minor scratches. They have all the makings of a real porthole, with the exception of the view out of a ship.  In place of window glass, these have a mirror for your use in your home or office. Pre-drilled holes aid hanging so it's ready to put on your wall.  Adds a nautical touch to any room, and at 12" in diameter, it's a very versatile size.  


Size:  12 3/16"  Outer Diameter of product

Mirror is 8 5/16" Diameter inside of porthole frame


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