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While all bells have a basic utilitarian purpose—like warning other ships in the fog, calling children in from recess, or memorializing a fallen hero—adding engraved text or logos turns them into heirloom quality gifts or awards that will be cherished for generations.

We’ve been engraving bells on specialized US made machinery for nearly 20 years, and can fulfill orders from one to thousands on time and to your satisfaction. We can turn most logos, even ones in color, into high quality data that our engraving machines can “read” and convert into attractive engraved designs.


While our engraving looks good on all finishes, it really contrasts the best on antiqued brass. That’s because the engraving tip exposes the “raw” gold colored brass underneath for a nice two-tone effect.

In order to keep our set-up charges low (we used to charge much more as it’s very time consuming) we cannot offer mockups except on quantity orders. We also typically will do one bell on large orders, then photograph and send for approval before proceeding.

While we can accept logos in almost any format, keep in mind a high resolution file will give the best engraving result.