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W E    E N G R A V E    C O M P A N Y    L O G O S !



Like the idea of a personalized gift, but don't know what to have engraved?

Our most popular engraved gifts are bells, which are often hung in offices, boats, or on decks and patios attached to homes or cabins. Many of our customers engrave with their name and the year their home was built. If you're hanging a bell on a boat, why not inscribe the name of the boat and the year it was purchased?

Our bells make great sales awards engraved with the employee's name, thanking him or her for making the cash register 'ring.' Our military, police, and fire bells make great retirement gifts with the person's name, rank, and years of service engraved. Nameplates can be attached to many items we carry as well. Our compasses and sextants make great gifts!

Still not sure? Give us a call at 1-855-245-3650 (toll-free) for more ideas!

What can be engraved?
Bells sized 3' to 10' can be engraved on one side. A maximum of 60 characters (including spaces and punctuation) can be engraved.

Engraved nameplates are available for compasses, telescopes, and sextants. Nameplates are 1' x 2.5' in size and can fit a maximum of 50 characters (including spaces and punctuation) on up to three lines.




Logo engraving
Many of our bells can be engraved with a company logo and will require a $75 fee that includes logo formatting, set-up and first engraving. After we have your logo on file, the cost to engrave any subsequent logo is $35. Visit our logo engraving page for more details or call 1-855-245-3650 (toll-free). Because some logos require more engraving time than others, the per bell engraving charge may vary.

How long does it take?
Normally engraving typically takes from 3 to 5 business days before shipping, except on larger orders. If you need your item before that, please email us at, or call 1-855-245-3650, and we'll let you know if we can rush your order.

Return policy
Engraved items cannot be returned unless engraved differently than what is typed into the engraving box on your order.  Please click HERE for more information. 

For more information
Call 1-855-245-3650 (toll-free) or email us.