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Engraved Needs More Cowbell


Reference: 8833

Technical Specifications


Technical Specifications


Product Description

I got a fever...and the only more Cow Bell! A tribute to the famous Saturday Night Live skit, of course we agree with "The Bruce Dickenson" that the world Needs More Cow Bell. This makes a hilarious gift, perfect to use at sporting events or to display on a mantle, desk or bookshelf to add a laugh to any room. You can provide your own drum stick to beat it vigorously, or shake the bell if you prefer.

The classicly styled cowbell's handle is welded on so it is extremely sturdy. This allows for freer flowing dance moves. Whether you are a diehard SNL fan, or you just think anything can be made better with More Cowbell, this is a must own.

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Size: 7" High x 3.5" Wide x 2" Deep


Item No. 8833


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