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Corporate Sales

Our products make great corporate incentive gifts. Instead of giving another plaque or engraved crystal 'object' for top sales performance, we offer the following ideas:

- Logo Engraving of your company's or organization's logo on many of our bells and compasses. To see samples of our engraving, go to our Engraving page.

-'Big Sale' Bell with top salesperson of the year engraved on it. Show which employees really make the cash register 'ring' with a functional reminder.

- Handsome Brass Compass in a display box. A great engraved gift for someone in your company who has 'shown the way' to higher sales, greater efficiency, etc.

- Perhaps a little more outside the box, a Vintage Style Brass Boxing Bell? Let your team members know they really 'answered the bell' or went 'all ten rounds' ... and you appreciate it!

Give your employees a unique, functional incentive or gift that can be proudly displayed in their office, their home, or even in their boat. For more information, email us at, or call us toll-free at 1-855-245-3650.