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Large Brass Bells

What Our Customers are Saying...
Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your 10-inch 14-pound polished brass bell. It was exactly as described and looks and sounds great!  I hung it in my nautical room with my other naval paraphernalia.  I had previously ordered one off eBay that was a complete farce. They had exaggerated all the details describing it. The seller (from India) refunded half my money to keep me from ripping him with a one rating.


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Out of Stock. Due In Stock  2/1/17.

14" Antiqued Brass Wall Bell
$0.00 $679.00 $545.00
12 Inch Ridged Antiqued Brass Bell
$0.00 $425.00 $395.00


Logo Engraving
$0.00 $75.00
Giant Distressed Hand Bell
$0.00 $115.00 $89.00
Engraved Giant Liberty Hand Bell
$0.00 $145.00 $99.00

Out of Stock. Due In Stock 2/1/17.