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Cow Bells

The Web's Best Cowbells
Not only do we carry the best quality cow bells online, we also go through all the hassle of separating them from that nasty 1000 pound cow for you as well! We don't sell the weak sounding, small versions, but if you're a fan looking for the loudest, sturdiest model you've come to the right place. offers quick, professional engraving, fast shipping and quantity discounts.
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Large Handled Black Cow Bell
$0.00 $14.95 $9.95
Metal Cow Bell - 6.5 inch
$0.00 $12.95 $8.95
Metal Cow Bell - 5.5 inch
$0.00 $10.95 $7.95

Weight: As metal prices have increased tremendously, many companies have saved money by making much thinner, poorer quality bells. We haven't. We proudly state our weights on most of our bells.
Size: Compare "apples to apples" and we think you'll choose us. Our "six inch bell" refers to a six inch diameter four-pound bell with a one-inch thick four-strand pull rope. Some companies include the bracket or even the pull rope when measuring height.
When our low shipping rates--which are proudly displayed on each page--are considered, our combination of quality and total price is the best.
Return Policy: We'll give you your money back within 30 days if not satisfied.
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